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Facial Fat Grafting Columbus, Ohio

Facial fat transfer columbus ohio

Using Facial Fat Transfer Surgery To Establish Balance & Highlight Features

As we naturally age, 我们中的许多人都经历过面部萎缩,这可能成为不安全感的来源. Facial fat grafting surgery (通常被称为“面部脂肪转移”)通过利用身体的脂肪来独特地恢复面部的年轻 own 脂肪,以纠正消瘦或凹陷的特征,下沉的颧骨和整体老化的迹象. Expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Sieffert has perfected this form of rejuvenation here in Columbus, Ohio.

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What Is A Facial Fat Transfer?

During autologous fat transfer surgery, 外科医生只是从你不想要的部位取出脂肪,然后在你想要的部位注射脂肪. Fat transfer is an advanced, 用于安全填充或丰盈老化区域组织的微创澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台, scars and deep wrinkles. It refines natural contours and smooths the surface of the skin.

Dr. 西弗特的创新技术允许精确的增强和轮廓的面部特征, resulting in a natural look, a refreshed appearance and highlighted features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

脂肪移植可以增加面颊、鼻唇沟、太阳穴和嘴唇的体积. 脂肪可以从身体的任何部位取出,但通常是从腹部或大腿处取出.

一旦脂肪被移除,在注射前通过过滤器或离心机纯化. 你的外科医生可能会过度填充这个区域,因为大约20%-50%的脂肪最终会在恢复过程中被重新吸收. Patients have noticed ongoing improvements in skin tone, 手术后几年的毛孔大小和整体外观, with the results lasting a lifetime.

脂肪移植对于那些因衰老而失去面部体积的人来说是完美的. If you are experiencing overall droopiness of the face, a tired look, or hollowing of your cheeks, 面部脂肪移植可以帮助创造自然美丽的外观. 只要你身体健康,对手术结果有现实的期望,你就是一个理想的候选人.

你的结果将在6-12个月的过程中发展,所以要意识到并准备好 entire recovery process is essential when evaluating the results of your surgery.

你将在手术后6-12个月看到面部脂肪移植手术的最终结果. 由于脂肪移植通常与其他手术相结合,因此手术时间和恢复可能会有所不同. 就脂肪转移到面部而言,疼痛和不适是最小的. 手术后几天,你就可以站起来走动了. 在你4周的康复期间,你会有一些活动限制.


这两种澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方法的相似之处在于都包括通过注射的方式增加体积. In general, dermal fillers require less downtime, 药效持续8-12个月取决于你的新陈代谢和具体的产品. Fat grafting is a permanent solution to volume loss in the face.


Since liposuction is involved, the cost of facial fat grafting varies, because the amount of fat being removed can impact the cost. 一般来说,面部脂肪转移的基本费用在4000到5000美元之间. 您将收到您的手术团队根据您的定制计划给出的准确报价, 他们会在你第一次咨询时审查融资方案.

Fat grafting is permanent. 你会在手术后6个月到一年内看到完整的结果. During this time, 注射到脸上的脂肪有25%-50%会被你的身体自然地重新吸收. If you lose weight, the fat added to the face isn’t as susceptible to disappearance, although it is still possible. Fat grafting does not prevent continued aging. 患者进行面部脂肪移植后补妆是很常见的.

Facial fat grafting is a great addition to other surgeries like facelifts and eyelid lifts, as well as it being a transformative procedure all on its own. Through fat grafting, 你可以同时处理两个区域-脂肪被移除的区域和将从脂肪中接收体积的区域. Patients appreciate the ease of the procedure and recovery.

Because this surgical procedure is considered permanent, 当涉及到恢复音量时,大部分工作都已经为您完成了. However, other signs of aging may continue to persist. To combat these concerns, 我们有一系列的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方法来保护你的皮肤,甚至改善它目前的外观.

These solutions typically include, but are not limited to:

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面部脂肪移植手术提供了一种个性化的面部年轻化方法, providing long-lasting results and enhancing your natural beauty. Through the precise transplantation of your body’s own fat, this procedure can restore volume, improve contours and reduce the signs of aging.



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