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Flexible Options To Pay For Your treatment

An investment in your personal wellness and appearance today will 支付 dividends in the future. 我们的 ancing options allow you to begin working toward your goals 现在. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), many of our functional medicine and wellness services are covered as qualified expenses. Most aesthetic and plastic surgical procedures are not covered by HSA/FSA’s, but they qualify for other types of 鳍ancing instead.

我们的 Patient Experience Director and Patient Care Coordinators are 鳍ancing experts who make these processes efficient and convenient. We make essential introductions to established credit and banking institutions, we can simplify the loan application process.

Your 融资 Questions, Answered

If you choose a 支付ment plan with CareCredit, you could 支付 for a procedure in 6 months with 0% interest. Longer terms have an equal 支付 APR % depending on their length.

CareCredit is the preferred lender of the American Society of Plastic Surgery for elective medical/surgical loans. The application process only takes a few minutes until you know whether you’re approved. CareCredit works to help you get treated sooner, with no up-front costs and no pre-支付ment penalties.

CareCredit is a credit card designed specifically for elective medical and surgical procedures such as:


  • 隆胸
  • 抽脂术
  • 腹部除皱
  • 乳房提升
  • 乳房缩小术
  • 妈妈改造
  • 阴道整型的
  • 整容/颈部抬起
  • ,更多的!

You can use your card over and over without having to re应用 as long as you have credit available.

学习 关于CareCredit, 应用 directly for the CareCredit credit card or even 支付 您的在线发票 在这里.

Alphaeon is one of the premier 鳍ancing companies in the healthcare industry. 类似于CareCredit, it is a credit card you can use to 支付 for procedures or treatments performed by board-certified physicians specializing in dentistry, 皮肤病学, 眼科学, 还有整形手术. You can also use Alphaeon to 支付 for products and services offered by these physicians.

之前 应用ing for a loan or 鳍ancing, speak to one of our Patient Care Coordinators for assistance. 呼叫 us, or use the contact form at the end of this page to get in touch.

Patients can 支付 using their Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for our functional medicine services.

We understand the significance of offering you flexibility in handling your healthcare costs. Utilizing your HSA is not just accepted but actively promoted at our office. This enables you to access the specialized care you require, all while taking advantage of the tax benefits offered by your HSA.




We accept cash, cashier’s checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you’re 支付ing for functional medicine and wellness services using your HSA or FSA, we can provide guidance with this process too.

Have Questions About 融资? 我们有答案! 

We understand that 鳍ancing may be critical to moving forward with treatment, we’ll help you choose among your best options. We invite you to call us at 614-442-7610 to get in touch with our team and to schedule your personal consultation.