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Smile Line Fillers Columbus, Ohio

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The Best Filler To Treat Marionette Lines & Nasolabial Folds

We like to consider Smile Lines evidence of a good time! However, 我们也明白,这些折痕和褶皱可能是许多患者缺乏安全感的来源, 从鼻子侧面到嘴角的皱纹通常是衰老的第一个身体迹象之一. 我们的专家提供微笑纹填充剂,以帮助对抗这些最初的老化迹象,并阻止这些皱纹的深度.


We Take The Time To Create The Best Results

你的澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网结果仅次于你的安全. 我们接受过面部美学方面的训练,真正理解面部解剖学的细微差别. If too much filler is placed in the wrinkle, you may be very smooth, but you may also look puffy – this can look odd, especially around the mouth. We are very calculated and conservative with our approach.

我们慢慢来,让填充物沉淀下来,看看你的线条是如何随着你的脸移动的 then decide if more filler is needed to ensure you adore your result!

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Am I A Candidate For Smile Line Filler?

重要的是要知道,并不是每个有微笑纹的人都适合填充. 对结果抱有现实的期望也很重要. 如果你的填充物专家怀疑填充物不会帮助你实现你的目标, they may recommend you not receive the treatment.

In some cases, 您的注射器可能会咨询您,并建议其他选择,以更好地澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网鼻唇褶皱和木偶线, such as laser resurfacing, Botox treatments or a surgical facelift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We lose volume in our faces every day simply by smiling and laughing. Over time, 皮肤的反复“折叠”会导致胶原蛋白的分解,失去体积和弹性, resulting in fine lines, folds and, eventually, wrinkles. The skin between the nose and the chin is relatively thin, which is why many patients begin seeing lines forming here first.

鼻唇皱褶是美容皱褶形成于所谓的鼻唇皱褶, 从鼻孔下面到嘴角的一条微弱的线. Nasolabial creases are a normal part of facial anatomy, but sagging skin causes this crease to look deeper as we age. Some people refer to these as “deep laugh lines.”

木偶纹是从嘴角一直延伸到下颌的凹槽. 它们的名字来源于老式的牵线木偶和它们可拆卸的下颚的垂直线.

面部“褶皱”是自然的,当我们微笑、皱眉或陷入沉思时,它们会动态移动. The goal of our treatments is not to completely eradicate these lines, but to soften them for a naturally youthful look. 这些安全的填充物的功效取决于患者面部褶皱和皱纹的深度.
We can say, with confidence, 我们可以大大减少笑纹的出现——但它们可能永远不会 fully be gone.

你的鼻唇沟和木偶线填充澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网的费用. Usually, 我们建议你从两针填充物开始澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网, which may range anywhere from $1200 to $1800. 您的具体填充物处理费用将在您的手术前报价.

RHA®系列是一种独特的透明质酸填充剂,专为对抗动态皱纹和褶皱而设计. RHA uses longer branch chains of amino acids, 这使得填充物更有弹性和柔韧性,这意味着它不会像具有较短支链氨基酸的填充物那样快速分解或降解.

在某些情况下,需要使用粘度较大的填料来完成工作. If this is the case, we will discuss further options with you!

On average, 我们的专家使用1-2支注射器来填充整体需求-填充量取决于注射器的技术和您的线/折叠的深度. They are incredibly careful to not overfill an area and even use ultrasound technology to ensure the safest, most effective filler placement.

一切都从我们的一位专家的初步咨询开始! 我们会讨论你的目标,确保你是这个填充物澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网的合适人选. The procedure consists of a series of small, little pokes along the areas in question, 有些人会停下来检查对称性,以及填充物对你自然面部运动的反应.

在手术过程中,患者可能会有轻微的不适和轻微的肿胀,可能持续几天到几天, in some cases, a couple of weeks. 有些人会经历长达一周的瘀伤,但可以用化妆品掩盖.

Typically, treatment will last between 6 months to around two years. That’s quite the range, but it depends on how much of the filler was used, the amount of movement in the area and other factors, including your body’s natural metabolic rate.

嘴巴周围的皮肤比脸部其他部位的皮肤要薄, and it experiences much more dynamic movement. 这个区域的持续运动导致填充物通常比停滞的区域更快地分解, such as the cheeks or nose.


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You deserve to smile with confidence! But we understand that those extra lines, 褶皱和折痕会妨碍你感觉自己是最好的样子. Smile Line Fillers in Columbus, 俄亥俄州是一种令人难以置信的方法,可以消除这些皮肤问题,而无需与手术相关的停机时间.



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